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I'm trying to find this paper: Rich, T. and Rich, P. (1989). “Polar dinosaurs and biotas of the Early Cretaceous of southeastern Australia.” National Geographic Research5(1): 15-53. I cannot find it at all except for in references, not even a hard copy of it. I'd really appreciate it if one of you could be able to find it.

Update: Someone on Facebook found it for me.
Making a list of prehistoric Australian dinosaurs, do, I need to add/remove any?

Alopecoenas norfolkensis
Anhinga malagurala
Anhinga walterbolesi
Aquila bullockensis
Atlascopcosaurus loadsi
Australlus disneyi
Australlus gagensis
Australotadorna alecwilsoni
Australovenator wintonensis
Austrosaurus mckillopi
Barawertornis tedfordi
Bullockornis planei
Centropus bairdi
Centropus colossus
Centropus maximus
Chionoides australiensis
Ciconia louisebolesae
Ciconia nana
Collocalia buday
Corvitalusoides grandiculus
Daphoenositta trevorworthyi
Diamantinasaurus matildae
Diamantinasaurus sp.
Diomedea thyridata
Dromaius baudinianus
Dromiceius ocypus
Dromornis australis
Dromornis murrayi
Dromornis stirtoni
Emuarius gidju
Emuarius guljaruba
Eoanseranas handae
Fulgurotherium australe
Gallirallus ripleyi
Genyornis newtoni
Ilbandornis? lawsoni
Ilbandornis woodburnei
Kakuru kujani
Kunbarrasaurus ieversi
Kurrartapu johnnguyeni
Leaellynasaura amicagraphica
Longimornis robustirostrata
Menura tyawanoides
Microcarbo serventyorum
Minmi paravertebra
Muttaburrasaurus langdoni
Muttaburrasaurus sp.
Nambashag billerooensis
Nambashag microglaucus
Nanantius eos
Ngawupodius minya
Oligonomus milleri
Orthonyx hypsilophus
Orthonyx kaldowinyeri
Orthonyx wakefieldi
Ozraptor subotaii
Pachydyptes simpsoni
Palaelodus pledgei
Palaelodus wilsoni
Pelecanus cadimurka
Pelecanus tirarensis
Pengana robertbolesi
Phoeniconotius eyrensis
Phoenicopterus novaehollandiae
Pinpanetta tedfordi
Pinpanetta vickersrichae
Pinpanetta fromensis
Primophaps schoddei
Porzana rua
Pseudaptenodytes macraei
Pseudaptenodytes minor
Pycnoptilus fordi
Qantassaurus intrepidus
Quipollornis koniberi
Rapator ornitholestoides
Rhoetosaurus brownei
Savannasaurus elliottorum
Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei
Sula dactylatra tasmani
Tasidyptes hunteri
Timimus hermani
Tirarinetta kanunka
Walgettosuchus woodwardi
Wilaru prideauxi
Wilaru telfordi
Wintonotitan wattsi
Nic (Traheripteryx) is back on deviantart, this time as Stolpergeist.
Don't ask why he left, just be happy he's back.
Here are rigorous skeletals of all Australia's sauropods that I could find. I couldn't find any pics of the fossils of Austrosaurus mckillopi (although Mary and Elliot should be good enough, right?), and there's more material for Rhoetosaurus browneiDiamantinasaurus matildae and Elliot that I haven't added to the skeletals.

Top front: Diamantinasaurus sp. (via Poropat et al., 2016)
Top back: Diamantinasaurus matildae (Matilda) (modified from Hocknull et al., 2009)
Middle left: Savannasaurus elliottorum (via Poropat et al., 2016)
Middle right: Rhoetosaurus brownei (modified from Longman, 1926)
Bottom far left: Austrosaurus sp. (Mary) (© 2003 Steve Salisbury, modified)
Bottom left: Austrosaurus sp. (Elliot) (© 2003 Steve Salisbury, modified)
bottom right: Wintonotitan wattsi (Clancy) (modified from Hocknull et al., 2009)

Scale bars = 1 meter
Australian Sauropods by PLASTOSPLEEN
Basically he's in hiding for now because of a complicated problem, but he wants to come back as soon as possible, so for now y'all can calm down a tad.
As some of you know, Traheripteryx has deactivated his account. He has also deactivated his removed his YouTube and Twitter accounts, essentially digital suicide. I'm here to clear up some things: It is not due to Montanaspinus at all, it is due to something more personal, but I won't disclose what happened. He does plan to come back to the interent in someway, but for now he's gone.
Here's something I did for y'all to check out.
There's also three more pieces to look at on the blog.…
Firstly, I have updated the URL to my sketch blog:
It also looks a little different.

In other, more important news, I have a new blog for my "proper" art. I'm not sure how to describe this, but basically the art I spend a lot of time on or the stuff I like the look of will go there instead of Deviantart. Basically, stuff like these:  Broome Theropod by PLASTOSPLEEN  Hibbertopterus by PLASTOSPLEEN  Ancient Brain of the Lake by PLASTOSPLEEN will go on deviantart, while stuff like these:  Gastornis by PLASTOSPLEEN  News | Read the Description by PLASTOSPLEEN  Burd by PLASTOSPLEEN will go here:
I'll sum it up, some unfinished/unuploaded art, as well as the spinosaurid book was corrupted, and there will be no spinosaurid book because of this. Luckily I have the spinosaurid paintings in a folder here:
This isn't the first time, and this won't be the last time my art is stolen and put onto Instagram.
This kid paleo_art_guy was brought to my attention today by Midiaou and just take a look at these posts

"Troodon Formosus just chillin. Coloration based on snowy owls! Enjoy! 😄"
I'd say it's more based off my Troodon formosus... if you look closely, you can actually see that the wings are mine, and the legs are squished versions of mine. Also the composition is almost exactly the same as mine.

"Look into zanzabar's eyes!!"

This one is odd, as it's a mashup of two Balaur bondoc pieces. The body is from EWilloughby's "Balaur bondoc is a bird!", and the head is from my Balaur bondoc. I just find it extremely odd that he decided to make it a Zanabazar, although he wrote "zanzabar", which is actually a tavern in St. Louisville, Ohio, USA.
The Spinosaurid book is 90% done, and the spec book has more of a focus. The Spec book will be about ~$25 AUD on paperback, or ~$5.00 ebook so far.
Yes I have a blog now, with currently one post.…
I have two books due for July, one which is a book on spinosauridae, and the other that is on speculative worlds.
The spinosaurid book (a Field Guide to Spinosauridae) will be a free ebook here on DA, completely free. I'm doing this because I want there to be a free, up to date reference guide to the group that I can update. I will eventually add skeletals to the book as well, but it will take a while to get that completed. Another reason is that it's too short, with only 16 pages, and the minimum amount of pages on is 32 pages.
The spec-world book (untitled) will no be free. It's currently got 29 pages, and I will add a lot more, and I want money. It is 19.05 x 19.05 cm (7.5 x 7.5 inches) and will cost at least $15.24 Australian. It will include 15+ paintings and drawings that you'll need to pay to get. It'll also have an ebook format that also costs money, but a less money (I don't know how much).

THere are more updates to come. Hopefully this will compensate for my relative lack of art.

My internet cut out before I could finish and upload it :(
My internet cut out before I could finish and upload it :(
Ropen - About three fifths of the way through.
Red Monster - A bit over halfway done.
Kem Kem Storm - About two fifths done.
Banjo - Sketch.
Megalania - Not yet started.

1. Favourite Cambrian Animal

2. Favourite Ordovician Animal

3. Favourite Silurian Animal

4. Favourite Devonian Animal

5. Favourite Carboniferous Animal

6. Favourite Permian Animal

7. Favourite Triassic Animal

8. Favourite Jurassic Animal

9. Favourite Cretaceous Animal

10. Favourite Paleogene Animal

11. Favourite Neogene Animal

12. Two Non-Palaeozoic Arthropods

13. Sleeping Palaeozoic Animal

14. Prehistoric Shark

15. Cenozoic Amphibian

16. Palaeozoic Fish

17. Prehistoric Whale

18. Non-crocodylomorph Pseudosuchian

19. Flighted Cenozoic Bird

20. Three Prehistoric Plants

21. Mesozoic Mammal

22. Rhynchosaur

23. Non-coelurosaurian Theropod Nest

24. Non-dinosaur Dinosauromorph

25. Unnamed Prehistoric Animal

26. Non­-sauropod Sauropodomorph

27. Prehistoric Primate

28. Mesozoic Squamate

29. Front-on View of a Prehistoric Animal

30. Ichthyosaur

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How would you describe yourself?:
Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker) - Flume

[This is off to a great start...]

What do you like in a guy/girl?:
Archipelago - Miike Snow

[Yes, it is true, I lust for archipelago.]

How do you feel today?:
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What’s is life’s purpose?:

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What is your motto?:
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I tag Traheripteryx Midiaou and Traheripteryx again.
It's been over a month since I uploaded a painting, and over two weeks since any proper art, and there are some reasons why.
1. I've been too lazy to upload the 22+ paintings I have to scan and edit.
2. I have been refining spec evo project that I will not post on PLASTOSPLEEN.
3. I've been experimenting with some art styles.
1. Nope
2. Nope
3. Nope
4. Nope
5. Nope
6. Nope
7. Nope
8. Nope
9. Nope
10. Nope
11. Nope
12. Nope
13. Nope

Stuff About me
1. I think this meme should be dead.
2. I have a secret secondary account on DA.
3. I want to dye my hair red.
4. I am too pure for this world.
5. I'm gonna learn how to play the drums.
6. I accidentally uploaded this without finishing facts 7 through 13.
7. My secret DA is a spec evo account.
8. I will post hints to its location.
9. I have a paintbrush in my mouth right now.
10. My favourite Darwin IV animal is the Prairie-Ram.
11. My favourite Snaiad animal is the 
12. My favourite 
█ animal is the █.
█ is an alien form my spec evo project, █.
QUESTIONS FROM :icondilophosaurusrex:
1. Do you have any own characters?

2. Have any pets?

3. Do you vote Swampy for president?

4. Favourite movie(s)
Mad Max: Fury Road

5 .Favourite TV show(s)
Steven Universe

6. What is your opinion on deviantart Llamas?
They are useless.

7. Any Siblings?

8. Favourite Animal?
Brookesia micra

9. Do you have a favourite emote? :iconblockatielplz:

10. Digital Or Traditional

11. Weirdest Dream. Do it.
I was trying to fill a drink bottle with popcorn from a two meter plastic bag, and Darren Naish was just watching me spill all the popcorn everywhere.

12. Favourite Zoo/Aquarium
Adelaide zoo.

13. Favourite Game
Star Wars Battlefront

1. Yes or no?
2. Meme?
3. Illuminate?
4. Is it true?
5. Do you doubt it?
6. Is it there?
7. When is it?
8. Is it he or she?
9. Do you like it?
10. Has it increased?
11. Are there more?
12. Has it got them?
13. Are you with it.

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